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This is my autobiographical self-indulgence page.

Why am I so into making my Halloween yard? My life!

Since childhood, I loved sci-fi and monster movies (I now earn a living voicing creatures and animals as a Los Ángeles voice actor). I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books. I liked acting, singing and making weird characters and sounds.

When I was young, my dad always concocted some weird creature that he “heard” was lurking around the neighborhood, always to be revealed on Halloween night. As a teenager, I could easily have chosen to go into special effects makeup, but had no idea how to start down that path from my basement room in Greeley, Colorado.

I wanted to make monsters and the fantastical alive.

I think it’s important to have things you do, things you create, that you love that are not about money, but are just for the joy of it, for the amateur thrill of it– to keep putting out your positive creative energy into the world. You just have to do it because it is of you. No matter how good it is, it is your art.

I may be a creative pro in voice acting, but I am also a dedicated life long amateur.

Here are some pictures from my life that I suspect led up to my enthusiasm for Halloween and my Creepy Yard:

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