2020 Creepy Yard!

I kept adding creatures to my yard right up to Halloween night this year! I just don’t want to stop! Ha!

My yard is much easier and quicker to assemble now since I’ve built up a good store of PVC pipes, couplings and fabric, etc. to throw together. This year, I bought a few new masks and then just free-styled the ideas with old materials and some masks I’d previously used.

I like the idea of creatures that you can’t quite tell what they are- like something from a nightmare or a Bosch painting. Not of our logical world.

A good number of neighbors and friends dropped by (at a safe distance) and Halloween 2020 was a nice chance to reconnect with humanity after such an isolating year.

We kept things safe but still had great fun! Kids as well as grown ups delight in a creepy yard!!

October 31st, 2020

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