Creepy Yard!!

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Welcome, foolish mortal, to my DIY yard haunters’ website! My name is Dee Baker and I have a real passion for Halloween! This site is where I post pics and details of my yearly creature-filled yard creations!

Every year I create my own weird world in my yard for Halloween. I conceive of the ideas, source the elements and assemble it, sometimes with the kind assist of friends and family. My Halloween yard is a yearly obsession that brings me great delight and satisfaction, in part because of how much others enjoy the show!

Why is Halloween my favorite holiday?

More than any other holiday, Halloween offers a blank canvas for the imagination. It is an open invitation to conjure and inhabit a do-it-yourself world from your darkest, most fantastical dreams, to set free- for a while- what lurks within. I find the joy and enthusiasm that Halloween unlocks to be quite inspiring, energizing and an utter gas!

Fun, frightful or fantastical? It’s your choice! More than any other holiday, with Halloween you are free to create, to choose a world or character to inhabit or unleash!

Halloween is a holiday that can still offer a sense of wonder and fun with yard and home displays you can create! Yes, it’s for you- but it’s also for family and neighbors!

I’m fascinated that Halloween is as much about masks as it is about unmasking. It may be about deception, but it is also about revelation of hidden truth beneath that mask! It’s about connecting with a welcoming neighborhood, allowing each their own uniqueness, reveling in inclusive creativity. The world may seem scary but behind that facade, it is welcoming, a friend.

Perhaps the creative, inclusive spirit of Halloween is what makes this holiday so special, so powerful and so increasingly popular. I see it as the only holiday that improves the more commercialized it is!

I devote a good amount of effort to creating my yearly Halloween Creepy Yard and I’m astounded by the response of friends and neighbors!

I attend Halloween trade show conventions and see how the pros do it, but my version is strictly amateur and low budget and that’s the way I like it!

With this website, I wanted to share with you my Halloween “Creepy Yards,” along with details of how I created them, in case you want to take a swing at creating your own unique yard. It’s fine to purchase the pre-made stuff at the hardware store, but it is much more fun and rewarding to create your own custom creepy yard!!

If you dive in, you will find a rewarding and fun creative experience that everyone around you will immensely enjoy!

Stay safe and be creepy!

-Dee Bradley Baker

amateur haunter

October, 2022

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