Death Bird

The “Death Bird” is impressive, but easy to construct. It has a simple PVC frame covered by fabric with a cool bird mask. Really, you could use any kind of mask that looks creepy, a skull or humanoid mask could look even creepier!

Just cut the lengths of 3/4″ PVC to the proportions that look right and drape the ripped fabric over the “skeleton” wings, tearing them in tatters to approximate the shape of a bird wing.

The PVC couplings are 45 degree “elbows” except for on the creature’s neck, which is 90 degrees.

The bird’s eyes are ping pong balls that fit just right. I think I got the bird wig from, where I get a lot of my masks.

I hung the bird from a single rope suspended in my tree, looping the rope underneath the crook of the top joint of the bird’s wings.

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