Haunting Schools

My wife volunteered me to oversee the haunted house at my 6th grader’s school. I thought I couldn’t do that- I had no idea how to do something like that. But I finally agreed to it.

What I discovered was that I loved making a creepy, haunted experience for others to enjoy.

Here are pictures of a 2016 school haunted house I designed and oversaw at my kids’ school (with mega assist from an incredible team of talented parents!). I had my creative VO friend AJ Locascio build the swamp creature. Set designer extraordinare Merce Tatasciore was a huge assist in realizing the environment and obtaining props.

The key for me was telling a story- not just having a spooky setting to walk through. The theme/story was of a time machine that could transport guests to an eco horror future, where global warming had destroyed civilization and degenerated lab scientists and horrible creatures lurked. The less intense pre-show line was a display about the history of science fiction. It was all such a blast!


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