2. Assemble Elements

Next, I purchase enough (hopefully) PVC pipes, PVC couplings (45 and 90 degree, T’s and maybe special order some Y ones), green garden stakes to stabilize each creature’s spine, black duct tape and medium to large office clips.


Get a PVC cutting tool or (ideally) a cordless rechargeable PVC cutting tool (got mine on Amazon).


Basing a creature around a cool mask makes is an easy trick. Order the masks you want online (I often go to frightprops.com) or pick up masks or skulls at the hardware store or wherever. Two years back I got a bunch of scarecrow type masks. Another year bird masks. If the masks are related visually, you’ve got a group or gang that suggest a story, rather than just random characters.

I love basing a character on a good mask. I mostly source mine from frightprops.com and this year from closedcasketstudios.com

My creatures need lots of fabric to cover them and add shape. It’s easy to purchase useful fabric (black table cloths or burlap) on Amazon, or even at a local fabric shop. I have used a lot of black and browns recently, trying to replicate the fabric and colors of old scarecrows. An all black or even white creature can also look very imposing or dramatic.



I find that placing the fabric in layers of color tend to look good, either starting with lighter colors on the inside progressively cloaked with darker colors, or the reverse.


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