2022 Creepy Yard!!

2022 I had great fun deploying a couple fresh design ideas- tree hangers as well as a “spider leg spine” effect that I got by simply lashing a giant spider to the PVC spine of a few creatures. I also used an odd group figure idea that got a great response from passers by!

The central tableau was one of a rather disturbing mother figure hovering over her brood of six rain slicker-clad children all focused on a sweet, little puppy dog perched on an Egyptian pedestal. As with most of my yard, it doesn’t refer to any particular show or movie, though I must admit that Cronenberg’s “The Brood” was some inspiration.

The puzzle of what the heck is going on is left to the viewer, though my suspicion is that the adorable puppy is the only evil one here. Ha!

Special thanks to those who stopped by to lend a hand this time out- Braxton, Suzanne, Carlos, AJ and Kish!!

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